Wednesday, May 29, 2013

European Allotment Gardens

When traveling in Leiden, the Netherlands last year, one sees acres of land, outside small towns, that are cultivated mostly with vegetable gardens. Learning more, these are usually referred to as allotment gardens. Each country in Europe has it's history with these plots, but for the most part they are awarded by governments or companies to workers after years of service. They usually have some structure to sit in or under, but are not meant for permanent occupation. People can enjoy and cultivate their gardens during the day, but not make them a summer home. We saw Grandparents with grandchildren, playing, watering, digging, trellising, and generally enjoying summer in the sun while growing a large amount of their vegetables for the year. This was serious vegetable gardening..the kind most people don't do in this country anymore. Here are a few pictures of what people had going on....and yes...Gnomes!

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