Monday, August 26, 2013

Reliance Peach is right!

After many years of trying to find a fruit that grows best in my climate and yard situation, in every house I have lived in (and never succeeding)  - I have finally found it! Peaches!

This Reliance peach finally came into it's own this third year. Hundreds of perfect peaches for eating and freezing. We made a fantastic peach and blueberry pie last week and I hope for many more this winter.

The first two years it immediately got peach leaf curl as soon as the leaves came out and I finally resorted to some copper sulfate last fall. Put on after the leaves are off, it smothers the fungus while it is dormant.

Usually I wouldn't resort to such treatment, but having tried cherries, apples, plums and pears...I realized that fruits take some extra care and you have to be willingly to put the effort in. The reward has been worth the effort!

PS: the Cherry  tree that gets completely and totally decimated by Japanese Beetles every year so that not one leaf is left will be transplanted next year far down in the garden in hopes that the beetles will all fly down to that end of the yard. (Apparently this is an actual pest management technique as told to me bya gardening mentor Carl Sargent.)

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