Monday, September 23, 2013

Barn renovation starts this week!

This week starts the long awaited redo of the back of our barn. We spent the whole weekend, burning piles of wood, cleaning up the debris and demolishing the room underneath that used to be an animal stall-all in preparation for the new 20 foot 8x8 beams coming in today. First the beams will be put in place, then corners shored and steadied, posts installed (used from the hemlock floor beams), the roof beam fixed (eek!), windows framed out (that will a post in itself-very excting) and then we plan on putting up shiplap (pine or cedar still TBD), cutting out a doorway for two carriage doors we will make ourselves, and then the gravel pads for the whole length delivered and pushed around. The project has already taken the advice of many people all with tons of experience, and will be a process with many judgements along the way. Can't already has been an incredibly fun puzzle that is endlessly interesting to figure out. Keep posted!

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