Thursday, May 28, 2015

Busy Spring with Additions

This spring has been busy this year for me with my new position at the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens  and all the extra work from such a harsh winter. I get great doses of gorgeous gardens every day at work and then work every weekend on keeping ours together as well. This year we replaced the ailing cherry and peach trees in the herb garden and replaced them with two absolutely sensational Coralburst crab apples from Estabrook's nursery. Today, the crab apple "Tina" came out as well and the Prairie crab apple we planted 5 years ago.

The vegetable garden, or the "Land of a Thousand Lettuces" as I refer to it, has lettuce, tatsoi, raddichio from last year and escaroles ready to eat. Oh and bok choys! Good news since I ran out of room for seedlings and still have leeks and peppers to plant.

Besides the two Coralburst crabapples, we also bought this lovely Japanese Maple " Inaba Shidare" for the pond area. We would love to have a collection of different colored maples but will see how this one does in this harsh micro-climate in the lower yard.

The other small accident was the venus de milo statue that I have carried around for 30 years (nicknamed Minerva) toppled over while I was weeding quack grass out from under her (like that wasn't bad enough!) She came down with a terrible thud  that I will remember for a long time!We were able to glue her back together with an amazing concrete glue though that is grey. Unfortunately, her back is forever chipped, but she is even more soulful now. 

For a small instant we entertained the idea of buying a statue we saw at our favorite antique store of a terracotta warrior. It was of the fine concrete and well aged covered in lichen, but alas, I couldn't imagine a terrifying warrior amongst the herbs and crabapples. This garden is a small resting spot that even Lily the dog loves to smell all the plants growing there. I see her stopping to smell each one with a big smile. Nice to know that all animals love this garden including us!

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