Sunday, April 3, 2016

Spring Seedlings

As the snow flies outside I am hoping that spring will get here before my seedlings get too root bound. It seemed like things were going to get an early start this year and so I planted the cold hardiest among my seeds March 13th. I love to see Thomas Jefferson's "Tennis Ball" lettuce next to Johnny's Seed's "Cherokee". 

Here the raddichio "Perseo" promises to be a nice round head in late summer. These greens are some of my favorite salad additions for bitter flavor and long refrigerator life. Tatsoi is also a great keeper in the refrigerator, lasting three weeks.

Credit: Johnny's Selected Seeds-Radicchio, Perseo
It is so easy to start seeds indoors with just a simple set up. A couple of work lights from a hardware store over an old piece of plywood on some saw horses works just fine.  Something to consider while the weather takes its time warming up. Come on spring!!